Am I The One?

“She’s the one.. she’s the one, I say it load
She’s the one.. she’s the one, I say it proud
Ring the bell, ring the bell for the whole crowd.
Ring the bell, ring the bell.
Im telling the world, that I’ve found the girl.
The one I can live for.
The one who deserve.”

I dream to have this kind of moment
Do I deserve to have this kind of perfect moment?
Will I have this kind of special moment?
I have a lot of weaknesses
I feel hopeless
Will you still say it loud?
will you still say it proud?
Can you still say it to the crowd?

I want to feel special
I want to feel perfect
I want to feel that “i’m the one
I want to feel that love
I want to live with that dream
That someone will tell to himself “she’s the one”
That someone will stay with me forever
Can you be that someone?



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Happy 8th anniversary to the best girl group I know. It’s a long journey and we shared a lot of memories.  Everything has its own boundaries that must be end but supporting and loving you has no limit because everyone deserve to be love and support. Thank you for inspiring me and motivating me to be a good student and teaching me to be determine to reach my dreams. I don’t regret for supporting you and spending my time with you. 2ne1 member may have their own solo career, always remember that we are here to support you. We are always here until the day that 2ne1 will reunited again as we scream like there’s no tomorrow and cry because of happiness. This will not be the last time I will greet you for 2ne1’s anniversary. 2ne1 always take care of yourself and healthy as we also live happy with ourselves.

His Voice

My favorite music is your voice
whenever I hear it
I close my eyes
open my heart
feel your touch
I see your face
Fall for you, deeper and deeper

Please take my heart with you
it will be the happiest heart
I feel your voice
touching my heart
wanting my heart to be all yours
Take the lead
I will be your queen
you will be my king
hold my heart
don’t let it go

There are million voice in this world
but your voice is my favorite
it’s like drug
im getting addictive
im becoming selfish
I want it to be all mine.
Please be mine.