Happy 10th-anniversary BigBang! Thank you for being with us for 10th years and countings, thank you for sharing us an unforgettable moment with you and thank you for sharing your music with us. We witnessed all the hard work you did just to make us happy and we witness how talented you are. lastly, we witnessed how you become successful all over the world and you deserve it. Im really happy that I have you in my life. You motivate me, you inspire in everyway. thank you for having you in our lifes. Always take care of youself and we, VIPs are always here to support you and to love you no matter what happen and whenever. We are always be your VIP’s forever and always.



Happy birthday my loves 💕 I know  you all now have all the things you want and needs but we all know that love and support are much important than those things you have. So Im always here to support you whenever you need it and Im always here to love you even though you don’t know me. Love? Yes. I love you not as an idol, I love you because you are Jiyong 💕  I can’t explain why i love you more than being as my idol. Everything just happen, so quickly. I want you to thank you for motivating me to do be successful like you, thank you for inspiring me, thank you for having you in our life. 💕 God knows how much happy I am because he gave you to us. I thank God for giving you in this kind of world. Kwon Jiyong is different from GD. I don’t love you because you are GD. We love you as Kwon Jiyong 💕 Im always be you forever VIP 👑💕 vip loves you so much, we are sending all the love for you. I wish for more happiness, strength, love came to you. You deserve it my loves. Hope to see you soon, babe 💕 We will gonna meet, soon.