“THAT LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE” is a Thailand movie. I’m one of the fans when it comes to a thai movie. Even if its comedy, horror or love related. This movie is a love story. Nam is a girl who loves Shon. Nam is not pretty, she had her eyeglass, dark skin in short she doesn’t how to fix herself, unlike the other sassy girls. She do everything because she want him to notice her. She learns how to dress well, she fixes herself, she study hard and know her talents. Until she became successful but she didn’t know that Shon already notices her. The story message has a big impact on me that I’m always holding it. Use your crush to pursue your dreams. As a fan girl, I change it. “Use your Idol to pursue your dream”. I keep it that in my mind. I face all my responsibilities. Been busy in my first year college, I always complained but I never plan to quit. Soon I will see them, I will attend on their concert. I will have a picture with them. PURSUING MY DREAMS 25%……….



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Blackjack has their own QUEENS. They can slayed us easily. I’m one of their BJ’s and GZB. These past few days APRIL 4 is mom birthday but it is the worst day ever. Minzy left 2ne1 for many reasons that are not really confirmed. I’ve cried for almost 1 week. It is worse than break-ups. I’m totally mean it. “I BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU SEE” I’m holding on that phrase. I don’t believe that Minzy has already left 2ne1. 2ne1 never comment on it. They will have their comeback this 5th day of May. I’m still hoping that they will perform as 4 members. I’m not loosing my hope. I’ve always prayed to God that please not this time. He knows that 2ne1 is one of my inspiration why I keep reaching my dreams. He knows that. every time I watch BigBang and 2ne1 mv’s or variety shows they attended, I always tell to myself “I want to see them personally” , “I study well just to reach my dream” and every time I’m having a hard time with my school works I will tell myself “I can do this, I’m was not doing this just for nothing, I’m doing this for my idols” I want OT4 fourever!